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CVA - Space related training
Issue 2017-2018

Acquisition of knowledge and competences
within a sector in constant evolution

At the beginning of the years 2000, space industry, after a period ostentation knew a fall of activities due to various factors mainly related to economic reasons. This fall of activities was accompanied by industrial reductions and a consequent cut of manpower.

Today, the renewal of space activities takes shape, and there is an undeniable need for recruitments of well-trained personnel to succeed the generation of the pioneers which grows blurred gradually.

Space is one of the high technology sectors that contributes to the construction of the future of Europe and to the well-being of humanity by many repercussions or applications in our daily life.

This is why, convinced that this field is carrying dream and professional blooming, ISSAT, Institute for Space and itS Applications and Technologies, in partnership with Ariane Cities Community (CVA), sets up,  a catalogue of the space related training offers.

Conceived like a research tool, this website is primarily addressed to young people in order to help them directing their studies and to engineers, technicians and operators to provide further knowledge, to inflect their professional course, or to reconvert.

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